Direct Action Training Camp

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FLR 410 – Direct Action Training Camp – 19 February 2011

Welcome.  A few considerations before you decide to attend this event:

There are No Toilets – The solution is a trowel, some info (which I’ll pass out prior to the event) & hand sanitizer.It could RAIN! – Raingear is never a bad idea.There will be Some Hiking – Bring your boots or appropriate shoes.Bring: Water and Snacks, Eating Utensils & a Cup/Bowl, a Whistle (just in case you get lost in the forest, I’m not kidding), and a Notebook (maybe invest in a Write in the Rain), Pencil, and ‘Zines.If you plan to stay overnight then bring: A Tent or Tarp/Cord, Sleeping Bag, Flashlight, Dinner/Breakfast.I might be able to find you some piece of equipment if you don’t have it.

If you are coming sign-up here:

(If you do not have a Gmail account you will either have to sign up to use this link, or you can email me:

Event Schedule

Leave UO Campus (Science Library Parking Lot) for Fall Creek – 10:00 – 11:00

Hike-in and Set-up – 11:00 – 11:30

First Session – 11:30 – Noon

Being Anonymous
Forest Names & Masking-up
Security Culture
The ‘Zine
Cop Watch
Know Your Rights
The Penalties for Civil Disobedience
Form of Activism
Symbolic Actions or Getting arrested for the hell of it.
Civil Disobedience & Direct Action
Playing Escalation

Break – 15 mins

Forest Walk – 45 mins

Lunch – Food Not Bombs 1 hour – Kim

Second Session – 2:00 – 4:00

Climbing Training – Otter Tree-Sitting – Owl?

Strengths & Weaknesses


N.E.S.T. (Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team) – AaronA Future Campaign? – Trapper Timber Sale

Break – 15 mins
Game – Cat-n-Mouse – 45 mins

Third Session – 5:00 -6:00

Resupply in a Closer

Stopping an Active CutPoly-pro Whips/ Yarning

Road Blockades – About One Hour
Structures- Monopod/Bipod/Tripod
Lock-downs/ Gates/ Sleeping Dragons
Trenches/ Tunnels
Culvert Walls/Timber Walls
Improv – Slash piles/ Downed re-growth
“The Mouse Trap”/ Stretched Wire/ & Innovations of Old Tactics

Tools & Security


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