Still Waiting…

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Even as the Drug Enforcement Agency legalizes THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) in pharmaceutical companies’ pills, the plant from which these synthetic drugs are derived from remains criminalized. In fact, across the country, newly elected republican legislators are attempting to scale back medical marijuana laws, for instance in Montana–where medical programs where approved by 65%+ of voters–the state house went ahead and repealed those laws.

In Oregon too, at least 20 proposed bills are aimed at fundamentally dismantling the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, one in particular attempting to bar those convicted of prior felonies from joining. Not exactly subtle, considering it is a felony to carry more than an ounce of cannabis at one time. Cannabis activists were out at the state capitol to protest.  Of course, the pro-pot movement is not without its own supporters, with Doug Linkhart (Denver Mayoral Candidate), Willie Nelson (Singer/Songwriter and founder of the Teapot Party), and Jim Gray (retired Judge) all advocating for moving the plant into more legitimate standing. Considering initial studies are hinting that cannabis may cure cancer, it would seem likely that one small step to reducing healthcare costs might be to just “legalize it.”

Maybe in 2012?


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