Collapsing the Financial System

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Prosecuting criminals includes understanding a system of criminality. When unassuming individuals are preyed on for their naiveté concerning a system they are engaged with it is the duty of those charged with regulating that market to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. Unfortunately, when the financial marketplace and government is either inept (and without the means of enforcement) or CORRUPTED, victims are exploited.

Is this crime?

If you think FRAUD is a crime worth rectifying, and that designing mortgages to fail is a crime against the customer, then your response would probably affirm the above question. YET THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN UNETHICAL AND ILLEGAL. We are talking about fraud built into the system to accumulate PROFIT. We are talking about the manipulation and exploitation of an entire CLASS of people– those tricked into buying a TOXIC product. We are talking about the global stock market that fell out and the DISAPPEARANCE OF 17 TRILLION DOLLARS, popping the biggest bubble in history and turning America’s financial problem into a global one.

That is where criminality occurs: when portfolios of nothingness are sold to investors who have no clue as to its nature. One class is wiped out (financially) while another is rewarded for their exploits. And so, the entire system is infected as Main Street is bitch slapped by The Invisible Hand (yet again.). If you know where that Hand is going to strike though, you can make quite a killing.

This is a collusion to profit made by rogue groups of schemers, hedge funds, and unregulated market tacticians who lie, cheat, and steal. THIS IS IRRESPONSIBLE AND DELIBERATE. Yet these people are CREATING THE PROBLEMS BY CREATING THE “RULES,” i.e. THEY ARE PRODUCING THE MECHANISMS BY WHICH TO EXPLOIT AND PROFIT FROM SOCIETY. It is a predatory system, producing no value whatsoever.

The entire effect of this debacle is an insurmountable debt that cannot be paid back, while the richest 1% owns about 70% of the world’s wealth transferred from the Middle Class. THIS IS CLASS WAR BETWEEN CREDITORS AND DEBTORS, THE FINANCIAL SECTOR AND THE “REAL ECONOMY,” WHERE CREDITORS CAN REPOSSESS THE HOMES OF WORKING PEOPLE, AND RECEIVE MONEY FROM THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO DO IT.

STRUCTURAL CHANGE IS NECESSARY. Whether this is an insidious premeditated plan carried out by the economic institutions of the world, or rather the logical consequence of capitalism gone awry, the fact that a MAJORITY of people are unhappy being exploited should lead to a reconsideration of global systems, so we can MAKE AS MANY CHANGES AS POSSIBLE: working with others to build social capital, community building from virtual communities into real ones, community ownership, self-sufficiency, teaching barter skills, implementing local currencies (that central authorities will no doubt tax eventually and shut them down). Dependency is Vulnerability. FLEXIBILITY OVERCOMES UNCERTAINTY. Diversify infrastructure and processes to overcome problems.

NO MONEY = NO RESOURCES. We can’t afford to preserve a defective model, but must build something new—AUTOMATIC EARTH –holding dysfunctional actors accountable to publicly controlled systems of justice and prosecuting criminals that break community controlled legal codes.

Affinity groups representing an oppositional cultural alliance can adopt bioregional plans, working to confront power and dismantle the core institutions of anxiety that are assaulting organic life systems. A debt-based monetary system ensures poverty. Let’s seek a dynamic equilibrium. Resist the Bancor.

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