After the successful liberation of Tunisia and Egypt, mass protests are spreading to Bahrain, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Sudan, Italy, Albania…even Wisconsin? In light of the successful utilization of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in these revolutions, the U.S. State Department has issued a statement regarding its promise to defend the openness of the Internet and other connection technologies:

While the initial revolution in Tunisia was set off when a young person set himself on fire after his only source of income, a street vending cart, was taken away from him by police, Wikileaks has been credited with opening the public’s eyes to the rampant corruption taking place through a series of leaked cables known as “Cablegate.” The hacktivist group Anonymous aided the Tunisian people, bringing down government pages and generally causing mayhem after officials tried to block access to secret-sharing website.

Protesters have for the most part been nonviolent even in the face of brutal repression from their governments, raising the question of why on earth America has spent so many billions of dollars and contributing so much death and destruction to bring democracy to Iraq when less than 10 years later civilian populations are in the process of liberating themselves.


End Civilization: A symposium

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The Civil Liberties Defense Center in conjunction with noted radicals is hosting the event ‘END CIV’. With probably means a meaningful and critical analysis of civilization. DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT: 

Thursday, February 10 at 6:30 in the evenin’
PLC (Prince Lucien Campbell Hall), University of Oregon, Room 180

Featuring Film presentation by:
Tim Lewis

The event includes several local and historically radical speakers:
Jeff Luers- recently released, environmental/social-justice political prisoner and activist.

Frank Lopez- National radical journalist and social critic. Noted for work in ‘the Stimula7or’

John Zerzan- radio host, Primitivist and radical environmental commentator.

The Student Insurgent stands in Solidarity with environmental action in defense of the earth and all critical thought leading to that point. The Insurgent STRONGLY recommends the attendance of this event.

In case you missed it before:

Thursday, February 10 at 6:30pm
PLC 180, University of Oregon

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Direct Action Training Camp

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FLR 410 – Direct Action Training Camp – 19 February 2011

Welcome.  A few considerations before you decide to attend this event:

There are No Toilets – The solution is a trowel, some info (which I’ll pass out prior to the event) & hand sanitizer.It could RAIN! – Raingear is never a bad idea.There will be Some Hiking – Bring your boots or appropriate shoes.Bring: Water and Snacks, Eating Utensils & a Cup/Bowl, a Whistle (just in case you get lost in the forest, I’m not kidding), and a Notebook (maybe invest in a Write in the Rain), Pencil, and ‘Zines.If you plan to stay overnight then bring: A Tent or Tarp/Cord, Sleeping Bag, Flashlight, Dinner/Breakfast.I might be able to find you some piece of equipment if you don’t have it.

If you are coming sign-up here:

(If you do not have a Gmail account you will either have to sign up to use this link, or you can email me:

Event Schedule

Leave UO Campus (Science Library Parking Lot) for Fall Creek – 10:00 – 11:00

Hike-in and Set-up – 11:00 – 11:30

First Session – 11:30 – Noon

Being Anonymous
Forest Names & Masking-up
Security Culture
The ‘Zine
Cop Watch
Know Your Rights
The Penalties for Civil Disobedience
Form of Activism
Symbolic Actions or Getting arrested for the hell of it.
Civil Disobedience & Direct Action
Playing Escalation

Break – 15 mins

Forest Walk – 45 mins

Lunch – Food Not Bombs 1 hour – Kim

Second Session – 2:00 – 4:00

Climbing Training – Otter Tree-Sitting – Owl?

Strengths & Weaknesses


N.E.S.T. (Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team) – AaronA Future Campaign? – Trapper Timber Sale

Break – 15 mins
Game – Cat-n-Mouse – 45 mins

Third Session – 5:00 -6:00

Resupply in a Closer

Stopping an Active CutPoly-pro Whips/ Yarning

Road Blockades – About One Hour
Structures- Monopod/Bipod/Tripod
Lock-downs/ Gates/ Sleeping Dragons
Trenches/ Tunnels
Culvert Walls/Timber Walls
Improv – Slash piles/ Downed re-growth
“The Mouse Trap”/ Stretched Wire/ & Innovations of Old Tactics

Tools & Security

Welcome To Active Folklore!

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